What does a Rex Rabbit look like?

A Rex rabbit has the basic form of a bunny, but are slightly smaller. They have super fluffy fur. One of our rabbits is albino, meaning all the pigmentation has gone from them, resulting in them having red eyes.

What animal class are they?

They are from the mammal animal class

Where do they come from?

The breed originated in France. Its origin was a litter of wild gray rabbits and has been developed over the years by fanciers and the fur industry. The Rex Rabbit was first shown publicly at the Paris International Rabbit.

What do Rex Rabbits eat?

Rabbits eat things such as pellets but most of all the food they enjoy the most is vegetables.

How long does a Rex Rabbits live for?

The rabbit lives for around 10 years if well looked after (myth: Rabbits don’t need the same medical care as dogs and cats)

Is a Rex Rabbit a good pet?

Rabbits a perfect first pet for a family with children or not. If treated well become very affectionate. However rabbits are not low maintenance they need a lot of looking after.

How do you look after a Rex Rabbit?

Rabbits can be trained to be house pets by:

  1. Bunny proofing your house – have no wires, no small pieces (i.e. Lego)
  2. In a small cage but some hay in for a bedding.
  3. Not far away from the cage should be a 2 bowls – one filled with fresh water (re-cleaned each day) and the second with fresh vegetables mixed with pellets
  4. Obviously you don’t want your rabbit to poop everywhere so put a litter tray nearby
  5. Make sure you make lots of things for the rabbit to play with.
  6. Make sure you groom your rabbit so that it doesn’t get all matted.

Questions for class:

  1. Name 3 describing words of a Rex Rabbit
  2. What animal class are they?
  3. Where did the Rex Rabbit originally come from?
  4. What would you feed the rabbit if it lived in your house?
  5. What is a myth about looking after rabbits?
  6. What’s something you might find difficult when looking after a rabbit

If you would like to meet our Rex Rabbit visit – http://animal-club.co.uk/animal-school-visits/

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