Animals are the most beautiful creation of mother earth. They have always been our companions and helped in flourishing human civilization. It would be better to say that we have used them without reckoning about their life concerns. As we humans rely on species-ism and like to dominate and exhaust nature as per our needs or greed. We never gave animals their rights or even the freedom to live without being afraid of trafficking or hunting. We destroyed their homes, snatched them away from their families, and put them in isolated closed conditions. It’s high time we understood this is adversely affecting our ecosystem and hampering our future.

It is important to stop animal cruelty and animal abuse before it is too late. Today many of our unique species have become extinct or are on the verge of vanishing forever. We exploit them but never think of their restoration. Nature works on the concept of the ecosystem, that means we are linked together and essential for each other’s survival. Only humans can stand against humans to save animals. There are several ways by which we can contribute our part and end this species-ism. We will have to create a world where we can coexist without any conflicts.


The first step is to aware people and kids about the importance of animals in our lives. Their illegal and extensive killing can lead to the destruction of the environment leading to misbalancing of the ecosystem. We need to make them understand animals deserve equal rights to live and flourish as we do. It is imperative to respect their habitat and privacy. They prefer different living conditions and survival methods. Most of the time, they attack us only because they feel their survival is under threat. They don’t prey on humans until they are in their own homes.

Strict rules and regulation

The powerful authorities should come forward to frame rules for animals. They should make sure that any violation of animal rights can lead you behind the bars with a heavy penalty. They can work together with nongovernmental organizations to make peace between humans and animals. We should ban the illegal hunting or trafficking for good. It is important to make sure that animals are not thrown out of their natural habitat because of deforestation and intentional forest fires. Government authorities should think of alternatives before destroying their natural habitats for construction.

Encourage animal shelters

How To Stop Animal Abuse And Cruelty

The animal shelters can act as a second home for all emotionally and physically abused animals. It can also give access to all animal lovers to come forward and contribute their parts towards animal welfare. Installing animal hospitals and deploying animal ambulances can save injured and traumatized animals. They are innocent and powerless, so they can’t stand for themselves. Therefore humans being the most intelligent creature to walk on earth and guilty of animals’ miserable lives should come forward to help them.

The alternative to animal products

Along with animal abuse, animal killing and their improper exhaustion have become commercialized toay. They are slaughtered and tortured regularly in animal industries and testing centers. We can’t even imagine the pain and suffering they go through. They die for us so that we can live a comfortable materialistic life. They are not given good care and required space in dairy and poultry farms. Thus, leading to various diseases and cruel death due to suffocation. We must switch to other alternatives instead of killing animals. Even changing our food habits and turning into vegan can also save us from pandemics like COVID-19.

Take the responsibility

We humans should come together to end this injustice and violence by taking full responsibility to ensure the safety and security of animal lives. Animals die and suffer daily without any good reason. Therefore if we see any kind of animal abuse happening in our locality, it should be our duty to inform the respective authorities. Today various organizations and government authorities are working towards animal welfare. So, being a responsible citizen, we can let them know where an animal needs a rescue.


We at animal club organize animal workshop where you can learn a great deal about the behavior of animals and their relevance in our lives. Also, an animal party helps to inculcate loving and kind attitudes in children and adults towards animals. It’s an opportunity to strengthen the bond between humans and animals through animal handling workshop and animal parties. Even our concept of mobile zoo is getting popular, which encourages animal-human interaction like during our animal school visit or corporate events.