How to Stop the Hunting of Lions

Trophy hunting has been in practice for years despite its ban. However, people are willing to partake in movements where they can be of help to stop the hunting of lions. Educating people for a cause like this can be frustrating. But if we manage to move a certain crowd, then that would work wonders towards this cause.

Know Your Facts

If you are going to educate others, then know your facts about trophy hunting. It can be difficult to sift through articles to find the truth, but then, it isn’t an impossible task, especially when you are determined to support this cause. You can speak to people and organizations that have been trying to stop lion hunting, or you can also use a reputable online source to get your answers.

Educate Others

You will come across two types of people – One those are against lion hunting and two who are not willing to listen to what you have to say. The first type will easily follow what you say, it is the second type that needs to be educated. Their response is usually discouraging but you need to keep your calm. You must stick to the facts that you have learned. It is not possible to change every mind that you speak to, but they will probably think about what you said later.

How to Stop the Hunting of Lions

Social Media

Social media platforms are powerful. From Facebook to Twitter and from Instagram to YouTube you can use any number of platforms to raise awareness. News spreads like fire on social media platforms, and if you use it wisely, you can have your voice heard too. These platforms are not just for stars or famous people to gather a large fan following but also for people like you who wish to use these platforms for a good cause. You can share your articles here, join similar groups, and interact with like-minded people to spread awareness about stopping lion hunting.

Petitions and Letters

When there are many people supporting a cause then it definitely does manage to get the attention of media or government officials. Thousands of people voicing for a similar cause usually doesn’t go in vain. Petitions and letters can be signed and sent across to the local representatives for further consideration. It may not be easy, but you must not give up easily instead continue voicing your cause till you get a response. Recently a couple of famous airlines have denied carrying trophies of wild animals. It may be a small move on their part, but in times to come more airlines may consider doing the same.

How to Volunteer or Donate?

Volunteering for a cause is the best way to show how determined you are to save the lions. Conservationists use electronic collars to track the movement of the lions. They use sensors and cameras to know their position. It is not an easy job, but it does help in saving them from poachers. Since, each one of us is not in a position to volunteer or travel, donating to this cause will help in funding the conservationists who are trying to protect the lions and other animals. You can check with authentic sources online or ask from your local legal authorities about where you could donate.

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