Teaching Resources for Animal Workshop:

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Please take advantage of our Animal Information Blogs for your school animal workshop. Each blog offers presented information fact sheet to conduct animal research tasks. Some relevant questions also included at the end. You can print our information blogs can be or use them directly from our website as online research material. The information complements a follow-up animal workshops session or for preparation in advance.

We aim to deliver at least two new blogs each month. The aim is to inform and educate visitors to our website.

The blogs offer a wide range of information such as an in-depth analysis of a specific animal or advice and recommendations about how to care for animals.

We have also produced a wide range of downloadable resources that complement a visit from us. These are simple worksheets that are both fun and informative. Again, these worksheets aim to add value to the visitors to our website.

Animal Club educates visitors about the amazing animal kingdom. We truly love animals and have a passion for sharing our knowledge as far and wide as possible.

Animal Club offers visits to parties, schools and other groups who are interested in animals. We have a superb range of animals that include both cuddly and the more exotic species. Our rangers are incredibly knowledgable about their animals and will love to share stories about each of them.


Additional Administrative Resources:

Animal Club Risk Assessment 2018_19 – The Animal-Club risk assessment, please feel free to share with relevant parties to book our animal workshop.

Animal-Club Letter to Parents Template – Letter to parents. Please, download and amend the letter which can be sent out to parents in advance of a visit from Animal-Club

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