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Animal Therapy in Care Homes


Animal therapy in care homes is becoming more and more popular. Studies show how beneficial animal interaction can be on people of all ages.

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However, bringing own animals into a care home is not always possible and inviting Animal Club can resolve the issue.Animal Club brings animals into care homes as well as primary, secondary and SEN schools, nurseries, events and parties. Our services are fully insured and our knowledgeable rangers carry DBS certificates. We have a full licence to operate.

We also offer a risk assessment if required. If you have any questions about booking a visit, please get in touch with us by completing an enquiry form. You can also send an email to or call on 0114 329 0851.


What are the benefits of Animal Therapy in Care Homes?


Animal therapy in care homes started out with household pets such as cats and dogs. Now the therapy also includes more exotic animals such as snakes, rabbits, bearded dragons and skunks. The interaction with different creatures helps stimulate the residents’ brains. It helps to keep residents mentally active and engaged.

Animals therapy brings people together. The therapy helps people cope with adverse situations, to settle and comfort people. Studies show that animal-assisted therapy helps to combat depression, ADHD, schizophrenia, loneliness, autism and PTSD. Michele Morrison in 2007 covered some of these in her study called ‘health benefits of animal-assisted interventions’.

Animal therapy in care homes was also shown specifically to decrease agitated behaviours of residents who have dementia. Therapy increases residents social interactions as it helps to remember and talk about past pets and animal experiences.

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Regular visits prove more successful as residents can create bonds with the animals and therefore improve their emotional connections with them.

With more studies supporting the beneficial effects animals have on residents there has been an increase in care homes taking part in visits, thus spreading the joy, wonderment and excitement of meeting and handling some truly heroic animals.

This also has a positive impact on the animals as it allows them to be handled and have human interaction, this helps prevent boredom and, when managed correctly, stereotypical behaviours caused by stress and lack of stimulation.

With positive outcomes all around it is easy to see why more care homes, as well as other organisations, are opting to book Animal Club to get animal experiences and animal therapy days.


How to set up an Animal Corner


Other care home animal therapies include having fish tanks or chicken pen. Animal Club can also assist with setting up and helping to upkeep an animal corner as a part of on-going animal therapy provision in your care home.


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