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Animals as your guest – fun and education to your school, party, group or special event from Animal Club Stoke On Trent


Animal Club Stoke On Trent offers interactive educational or social animal encounter experiences. We tailor visits to the requirements of any primary, secondary or SEN school, party, group or special event.

We pride ourselves on our highly knowledgeable rangers who will lovingly introduce their animals to you. The rangers will let you hold and touch the animals in a safe and careful way.

Each visit is unique and will meet your specific requirements. We can bring along the kinds of animals you want to touch and learn about. You may want cute and cuddly for a party or a wide range of different species for a classroom – you decide!

Our rangers are passionate about animals. They love to teach and amaze visitors about the animals they bring along. They will answer your questions about each animal and provide you with a wealth of information that only they know. All our staff have DBS certificates.

We also hold relevant insurances and can provide you with a risk assessment, if necessary.

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What our customers say about Animal Club Stoke On Trent.

Animal Club Stoke On Trent
Lizzy (Mum) – Booked a Birthday party.

This was a really unusual party for my daughter Ellie (aged 7). We chose the animals that Ellie wanted to handle and the ranger was able to introduce each animal in turn. It was really nice that all the children at the party got to hold the animals. Highly recommended!

Mr Cooke (Teacher) – Booked a visit for her Year 4 class.

As our topic was ‘The Amazing Animal Kingdom’ a visit with animals was a really great way to get this topic off to an exciting start. I wanted something that would really get the children excited and engaged. I was really impressed with the wide range of animals that Animal-Club brought. The ranger was highly knowledgeable about all the animals and gave the class lots of interesting background information.

Clair (Beaver Leader) – Booked a visit for her Thursday night Beaver group.

We put on a great selection of activities and events that the Beavers enjoy. I had the idea of booking Animal-Club because I knew the Beavers would love the experience. The whole evening was a huge success and I don’t think I’ve ever seen the boys sitting so quietly! They had a great time and learnt lots of facts about each animal.

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What animals do we have?

You can see a selection of some of our animals here.

Animal Club Stoke On Trent is able to bring a wide range of animals to your chosen event. We will ask you what kinds of animals you are interested in seeing.
Examples of the animals we have are; rabbits, roral python, gecko, guinea pigs, chinchilla, bearded dragons, insects, spiders and much, much more..!

What happens during an animal club event or party?

1 – You (the customer) contacts Animal-Club via phone, email or directly through the website.
2 – We will discuss your requirements and help you plan your event.
3 – On the day we come along with the animals you selected.
4 – The Ranger will take each animal out and let you hold or touch it. The ranger will explain all about the animals to you.
5 – You have a wonderful experience touching and learning about an incredible range of animals.

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What else is on offer for animal lovers in Stoke On Trent?

Stoke On Trent is a wonderful city for people who are interested in animals.

If you are looking for a four-legged companion why not consider adoption. At City Dogs Homes there are wonderful canines of all sizes and ages. They are all looking for a lovely home to go to because no dog should be left abandoned. If you are not planning on getting a dog then maybe you would consider supporting this worthy cause. Click on the link to see how you can help.

Animal Club Stoke on Trent

Did you know that near Stoke on Trent you can find a truly unique Kingsley Bird & Falconry Centre? The centre has one of the largest collections of birds of prey in England. It is home to magnificent falcons, hawks, buzzards and owls. The centre is located in Churnet Valley, a recognised Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). The visitors can do bird watching while following follow a nature trail. The trail runs through magical open fields and woodlands of the valley, along the River Churnet and towards the Caldon Canal


Caring for our animals and you

At Animal Club we are passionate about ensuring our animals are well cared for. To keep our animals happy and for you to have a great time, we put a series of measure in place for the animals’ welfare. In our work practice also considers our visitors’ wellbeing. We put in place measure to adhere to current H&S guidelines and keep all necessary documentation up to date.

What are you waiting for?

Animal Club Stoke On Trent offers a great opportunity for you to have wonderful animals brought right to you. No need for you to travel anywhere!

We can individualise each visit to your specific needs and ensure that you get the animals that you want.

Our highly trained Rangers will ensure that you and the animals have an enjoyable experience. You will be able to learn so much about the animal kingdom as well as touch and feel each of the creatures.

To get in touch simply: press the enquiry button below, go to our booking page or email us on We look forward to hearing from you!

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