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nursery and preschool Animal Club showFor The Younger Audience

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Nursery and preschool animal club show ideal if you are looking to sparkle imagination and creativity, teach about loving and caring for animals and seed early interest for science.

About Nursery and Pre-School Animal Club Show

Suitable for: age 2 and over

Show length: 20 to 40 mins (can be adapted to individual school needs)

Wow factor: 10 / 10

This nursery and preschool animal club show experience is a gentle and fun interactive session. This personal experience introduces young learners to the wonders of the animal kingdom. This is a fantastic session for any pre-school age!

Typical Session

In this show, we will look and feel the wonderful creatures that we bring along. Our knowledgeable range will encourage children to look, and if they feel comfortable with touching our friendly animals. Some children may learn how to identify different types of animals and learn some interesting facts about each one. We offer sessions to accompany children’s books such as “Dear Zoo‘ or ‘Where is Spot“.nursery and preschool Animal Club show bunny

Typically in each nursery and preschool animal club show, we will bring along a range of animals. You will have a visit from a fluffy rabbit, lizards, snakes, insects and many other amazing animals.

In this session, the children will learn not to be scared of animals but to respect them. The children will learn interesting facts about different animals and how to be gentle and kind to the creatures. Those who feel confident enough will have an opportunity to hold all the animals or just a few. Alternatively, for those who prefer just looking but want an element of surprise, we bring ‘feely boxes’. Either way, it will be a fun, calm and memorable session that is much enjoyed by everyone.

The children find the session both educational and fun. Hence, the feedback we always received excellent feedback following our nursery and preschool animal club show. Learning about animals at such a young age is a precious experience and can set young learners up with a lifelong love of the animal kingdom.

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Booking information:

The nursery and preschool Animal Club show can be adapted to meet the needs of your individual learners. We are extremely flexible and keen to make adjustments. Our aim for you and your young learners get the most out of the visit from the Animal Club.

Booking nursery and preschool animal club show is simple. All you need is just send an enquiry by filling in the booking form. Alternatively, you can email at or phone on 0114 3290851

We will do all the organisational work. Firstly, we provide all the paperwork. Upon the request, we can send you a risk assessment, copy of operation licence and Public Liability insurance certificate. Secondly, our rangers, along with the animals, will bring their DBS checks. Lastly, we will send you a proposal for a timetable and suggest the content to match your theme.

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