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Animal Club offers a mobile petting zoo service to help you to learn and to love animals.


Mobile petting zoos provide experiences similar to a mobile zoo.


The difference with a petting zoo in that there are animals, which you can hold, stroke or play with. A mobile zoo may provide the animals to look at without any actual physical interactions.


Animal Club provides both services – some animals can be held or stroked, while others can be viewed without handling.


The reason stems from the fact that some species tolerate handling better than others. Another reason may be attributed to the temperament of the individual animals.


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What animals can I handle?

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Some of our recent reviews of Animal Workshops and Animal Parties

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5 Stars - Based on 17 User Reviews

Jim Lee Avatar

Andrea and Catherine were fab with our kids and really knowledgeable about the animals they brought. A lovely selection of well looked after animals and a great all round interactive experience. Thank you ladies.

Jim Lee 12/08/2021
J Bains Avatar

Fantastic experience for the children, the staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. The company were very professional and very helpful. Thank you.

J Bains 20/06/2021

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Mobile petting zoo for parties – a unique experience


Mobile petting zoos provide a unique experience as they allow for physical interactions with a range of animals.


Animal Club, in particular, specialises in exotic animals, including snakes, lizards, unusual insects, etc.. At the same time, Animal Club also offers the experience of meeting domesticated animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs.



Animal Club brings the mobile petting zoo to parties, corporate events, fetes and charity events.


Animal Club visits schools, nursing homes and hospices.


The workshops are educational but also offer something more than just technical knowldge. Animal interactions have a positive impact on a person’s mental health.


The observation applies to a wide range of animals from dogs and cats to horses and ponies to snakes and dolphins. The article The animal-human bond: health and wellness by Friedman, Son and Saleem (2017) offer an in-depth examination of interspecies bonding between humans and other animals.



Mobile petting zoo experiences can support any event. This means that different the animals can be brought and the range can be changed depending on the needs, space available and type of event.


Animal Club also offers sessions directly related to the school curriculum. If you plan to study life cycle, animal species reptiles or to do mini beasts them, we can focus on what your year groups cover.




Booking Animal Club Mobile Petting Zoo


If you would like to find out more about our mobile petting zoo experience, please call on 0114 3290 851 or email at Alternatively simply fill in the enquiry form by clicking here.


We cater to indoor and outdoor events with mobile petting zoos, but the range of animals would depend on facilities and the weather. During colder or wetter weather, most animals would require shelter or heating. Our experienced, DBS checked range would assist throughout the visit by helping with the handling and answering questions.


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Enhancing School Curriculum With The Mobile Petting Zoo


Many schools return and book Animal Club multiple times. Teachers notice that students love to come and show our rangers what they already know. The pupils want to share what they learned since they last saw the animals.


The mobile petting zoo also allows the learner to become knowledgeable, brave and learn to love different species of animals.


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