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Add variety to a day event – book a mobile zoo. Mobile zoo encounters such as Animal Club allow having an exotic animal experience without any hassle of a group travelling.
We bring exotic and domesticated animals to you. The animal club offers visits to schools, parties, care homes, corporate events, scouts and guides clubs or any other organisations. We can support any occasion from the curriculum enhancement to birthdays, wedding and corporate events.Animal Zoo leopard gecko Animal Club prides ourselves on giving an experience, which you may not be able to get otherwise. The best part of a mobile zoo visit – no time wasted preparing paperwork, no travelling involved and no mess left to clean up.

Animal Club visitors

A mobile zoo provides an educational yet fun experience for everyone involved. Animal Club mobile zoo can be either a set theme visit for a party or adjusted to the lessons within the school’s curriculum. All of our animals are our pets. They are used to handling and travelling. We know exactly how these animals treated and kept. We can confidently say the animals cared for and live in the right environments, which allows them to thrive. Our animals will often be quite affectionate when brought to an event, and you will get a truly personal experience. Our current animals include rabbits, bearded dragons, geckos, tarantulas, snakes, vinegaroons and more.

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Mobile Zoo from Animal Club

Booking Animal Club mobile zoo visit

Mobile zoos travel around the country bringing the experience to you. Often each company will have a different area, which they cover. This prevents animals from becoming too stressed in transport and maintains animal the animals’ wellbeing.
Animal Club rangers leave across the UK, and we can provide experience in many areas. To check, if we cover your area, please give us a call on 0114 3290 851 or email us at

When booking a mobile zoo, the only thing we need to know is a place for us to set up. Smaller rooms and areas can be accommodated, but we may limit the number of animals brought along.

For those who may be a little wary of the animals, we also provide a sensory area. In the areas visitors can experience snake shed, moss (the animals bedding), bug gel (insects water) can be played with and felt. We also have an animal-related ‘Mobile Zoo feely boxes feely boxes experiences‘ where you can feel and guess the animals inside a box. But do not worry they are all just toys!


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