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SEN Animal Workshops

SEN animal workshops


Suitable for: age 5 and over

Show length: 20 to 40 mins (can be adapted to individual school needs)

Wow factor: 10 / 10

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Animal Club delivers SEN Animal Workshops. In these workshops, our ranger will work with the teacher to meet the needs of groups with SEN.

We will typically bring along an excellent range of animals which the learners can look at, touch and interact. The kinds of animals we bring along vary from session to session. A typical group include cuddly mammals such as rabbits. Also, there will be a giant or unusual insect, reptiles such as lizards and snakes and amphibians such as frogs.

All the children encouraged to experience the animals as much as possible. However, some children may well choose to look from a distance! Our very experienced ranger will aim to reduce anxieties that children have around individual animals. We have found that by creating a calm and purposeful environment, this can often be achieved.

We understand that children with SEN vary in their needs hugely. For that reason, we will always speak with you in advance to ensure that the session we will deliver will work best for your learners. This may mean children come in small groups or possible on a one-to-one base. It could mean that we bring animals to where the student feels most comfortable.

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SEN Animal Workshops

Extra information:

One of the key objectives we have at Animal Club is to educate people about the wonderful animal kingdom and reduce misunderstandings about animals. This belief also included in our SEN Animal Workshops. By bringing along our animals and having clear and meaningful explanations from our knowledgeable presenters we believe that we are able to achieve this aim. Furthermore, we can offer therapy-style sessions. Such therapy sessions have been noted to bring a lot of emotional, mental and physical behefits for learners with multple additonal needs.

Booking Animal Club To Visit You:

To inquire about our SEN animal workshops or to book a visit from the Animal Club, please fill our on-line booking form. You can also call us on 0114 329 08 51or email at

We also have risk assessment your school can download as well as a template of a letter to parents/carers about Animal Club workshop visit.

You can visit our Meet Our Animals webpage in advance of our visit to reduce any potential anxieties amongst the learners who require information in advance.

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