Animal Handling


Animal Club offers incredible animal handling experiences and parties. We are a highly professional company who love animals and have a passion for educating and amazing people all about the animal kingdom. Our rangers are extremely knowledgable and passionate about the animals they bring along. They love to share their knowledge and teach all about the incredible animals.


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animal handling

What animals can I handle?

You can handle the majority of animals that we bring along. We choose each of the animals very carefully to ensure they like being with humans. However, if people do not want to handle particular animals (normally the spiders!) we leave them safely inside their box so people can learn about them still. The animals offer a wide range of topics and discussions which our knowledgable rangers answer.

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What happens during the experience?

One of our presenters will come along to your chosen venue. This could be a church hall, home or school classroom for example. The ranger will have with them a selection of animals (some of which you may have chosen in advance). Once seated the ranger will introduce the first animal to the group. They will explain as much as they can about the animals including facts such as feeding, habitats and other specifics to the animal. Then if people would like, they have the opportunity to hold each animal. As each animal is being passed around there are ample opportunities for questions and answers. the first animal is then safely returned to its box and the second animal is introduced to the group.
At the end of the session, the reneger may take general questions and possibly show some of the animals again.


Are there any reviews from people who have had this experience?

Yes! Please see our reviews page and the feedback we have on google. We are so proud of the positive feedback we receive from each show. We believe that we please so many people because we listen carefully to our customers and strive to exceed their expectations. Our animals are absolutely beautiful and coupled with our amazing rangers we believe we have a winning formula!

How can I find out more or book?

To find out more please have a look through the animal club website. You can see information about our animals, how to book and other useful information.

Booking is very easy – you just need to send in the request from the website and we will do the rest.

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