Animal Show for Birthday Parties

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Animal Club brings animal shows for birthday parties or an event. A visit to a birthday boy or a girl from the friends at the Animal Club is always a winner! Everyone loves the animal visit experience. Animal Club will come with the all the crew from jumpy stick insects, to calm pythons, friendly bearded dragons, fluffy bunny, curious guinea pigs and many more.

Over the years we have made many parties and events fun, fun, fun. This is what our customers wrote to us:

Fron Aneela, Leeds

Animal party visit from the ANimal club a boy with python

The Animal Club went down a success! I can honestly say I never thought snakes were so smooth and cool (literally body temp) to handle! At the end of it, I absolutely loved them and want one as a pet! The children loved handling them, and the ranger was brilliant! It was fun, interactive and amazing.

Eleanor, Sheffield, Peter’s 11th birthday party: We had a great party thanks. Best wishes to the ranger!

Laura, Barnsley, Isla’s birthday event: It was a great hit with the kids and parents. Thank you for organising the animal visit, the face painter and the candy floss machine. Isla had a fantastic time.

Animal shows for birthday parties are a fantastic way to create a fun and exciting time. Old and young loved the experience. Animal Club’s exotic, unusual and cuddly animal friends will come with a ranger to your party location. In your house, garden or communal hall your party will get the ‘wow’ factor.

Animal Party Prices:

The prices start from £120:

animal club offer candy floss at animal party

1-hour animal encounter – £120
1.5-hour animal encounter – £150

In addition, we can offer Party Packages:

Animal Party Package Option 1:
1-hour animal encounter + 2 -hour face painting/glitter tattoos/transfer tattoos £190

Animal Party Package Option 2:
1.5-hour aminal encounter + 2-hour face painting/glitter tattoos/transfer tattoos+ 1-hour candy floss machine hire or balloon making £250

Animal Party Package Option 3:
1.5-hour aminal encounter + 2-hour face painting/glitter tattoos/transfer tattoos/carnival glitter + 2-hour candy floss machine hire £300

How to book your party:

You can fill in our booking form or email to to enquire about the visit.
We keep strict adherence to the official requirements for interaction with children because we work with schools and public organisation. All rangers at the Animal Club are DBS checked. Also, we hold an animal performance licence, fully insured, and you can download a risk assessment form our website.

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