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Pets Are More Than Just Pets

Pets therapy became a widely recognised phenomenon. Animals have become pets of somebody receiving the therapy or they are already the pet of a third party.

Pets Therapy PracticesPets therapy

According to Saga magazine, there are organisations such as and that offer opportunities to those who own suitable pets to register them as therapy animals. Once registered the volunteer can take their pet to visit places such as nursing homes, hospices, children’s hospitals etc to help people in need.

Some pets therapy animals include guide dogs, assistance dogs, horses, reptiles, cats and many more. The animals come in all shapes and sizes. Each animal has a different range of benefits which they can give to humans. There are many benefits from being close to an animal. It aids in mental health and increases oxytocin levels, which promote happiness. Pet act as a human’s eyes/ears, sensing panic attacks, seizures and other health problems. For example, some dogs trained to perform chest compressions. Trained dogs also can alert you to upcoming seizures, panic attacks and some other health complications. They can even protect you from injuring yourself while seizing.

Hamster as pets therapyPets as therapy animals living in homes provide around the clock care and assistance to those in need. Owning pets, both registered therapy pets as well as not, can help people with autism and PTSD feel more at ease and comfortable with outside world interaction.

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Emotional Assistance Animals

Currently, emotional assistance animals are not classed as therapy pets although evidence supports how beneficial they can be. Several studies advocate (e.g. Bourland, 2009; Salminen and Gregory, 2018) the right to see emotion support animals as service animals similar to guide dogs. Visit the Society for Companion Animal Studies website for additional information. If you are passionate about the subject yourself, you can fill in a survey regarding mental health and the registration of dogs to aids those in need.

Pet Therapy Visits From Animal Club

Pets as Therapy

Organisations such as Animal Club bring a variety of pets to primary and secondary schools, SEN schools, nurseries, pre-schools, nursing homes and other places. Aside from the educational visits we also offer sessions which can lead to therapeutic effects.

A recently visited autistic specialist school noted an increase in interaction with normally unresponsive students after a short session with the animals. This shows just how effective pets as therapy can be. To find out more or to book your visit just fill in our enquiry form or email to You can also phone on 0114 329 08 51.


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