Snakes as pets

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snakes make great pets

Snakes are exciting creatures and with regular handling and care they can become wonderful pets. But of course they are not for everyone. If you think a snake might be a perfect pet for you then read on and find out what you should consider before getting one! Housing Snakes need a large tank or… Read more »

Save the bees!

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bees pollinate different plants

Recently, you have probably heard something about saving the bees, and it’s hard not to have. People have started posting, tweeting and talking about it. But why is it so important? How do bees, tiny little insects, make a difference to our lives? Read on to find out… Pollination The main reason bees are important… Read more »

Which guinea pig should I get?

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guinea pig

Which guinea pig should I get?   A Guinea Pig makes an excellent pet! They are quite intelligent, affectionate and incredibly easy to care for. Unlike smaller pets, like hamsters, they live for 5 to 7 years and longer! Guinea pigs are diurnal! That means they are awake and active during the day, just like… Read more »