Can a bee survive a sting?

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Survive a sting

Honeybees are the only species of bee that die after stinging, because their stinger gets stuck. This injures them and means they can’t survive a sting.  They can survive stinging other insects, but the thicker flesh of mammals is trickier. Their stingers are barbed meaning they get caught in the flesh and torn out of… Read more »

why are zebras black and white?

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Zebras black and white

A zebras black and white colouring helps it maintain an optimum temperature. Black absorbs the most heat, whereas white reflects the most. But why is this important? It’s all well and good to say which colour absorbs more heat and which absorbs less, but we must ask why? Since I’m no physicist, I’ll give you… Read more »

Are Giraffe Tongues Blue or Purple?

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Giraffe tongues

The end of giraffe tongues are dark in colour, ranging from blue and purple even to black. So, long story short, they’re a bit of both! This little evolutionary quirk is quite unbelievable at first. It seems like something pulled straight out of Harry Potter, but we don’t have JK to blame for this. Perhaps… Read more »