Are Leopard Sharks Related to Leopards?

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Related to leopards

No, despite being named after the big cat, leopard sharks are not related to leopards. They are named after leopards because of their spots.  As I’ve already said, the fact that leopard sharks share the same title as the famous spotty cat doesn’t mean they are one in the same. The most likely story is… Read more »

Do prosthetic monkey limbs exist?

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Prosthetic monkey limbs

Experiments involving prosthetic monkey limbs show that apes are able to control prosthetics remotely via a neural implant.  These tests involve human prosthetics controlled by monkeys with no missing limbs. This is because monkeys have similar brain structures to humans. Therefore, if a monkeys brain can control these prosthetics remotely, so could a humans. How… Read more »

Can seagulls feel guilt?

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Many types of birds, such as seagulls, feel all sorts of emotions like grief, happiness and possibly even guilt. The concept of a bird showing emotions might seem outlandish, but it makes sense. Why wouldn’t creatures that can sometimes replicate language be able to be happy or depressed? Seagulls in particular have a reputation as… Read more »

Are whales smarter than dogs?

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Smarter than dogs

Measuring animal intelligence is hard but, based on both physical and behavioural evidence, yes whales are smarter than dogs.  Dogs are man’s best friend and anyone with a furry friend of their own will likely defend the intelligence of their companion. Sadly, this doesn’t change the fact that whales are most likely smarter than dogs…. Read more »