What is Animal Law And How Does It Work?

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What is Animal Law

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (AWA 2006) of UK protects the animals. This act prohibits any form of animal cruelty. Even though the laws may differ from region to region, but all of them have been created with a similar cause and aim in prohibiting cruelty towards animals. Here is something that you must know… Read more »

How to Stop the Hunting of Lions?

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How to Stop the Hunting of Lions

Trophy hunting has been in practice for years despite its ban. However, people are willing to partake in movements where they can be of help to stop the hunting of lions. Educating people for a cause like this can be frustrating. But if we manage to move a certain crowd, then that would work wonders… Read more »

How To Stop Animal Abuse And Cruelty?

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Animals are the most beautiful creation of mother earth. They have always been our companions and helped in flourishing human civilization. It would be better to say that we have used them without reckoning about their life concerns. As we humans rely on species-ism and like to dominate and exhaust nature as per our needs… Read more »

Which Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?

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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, located in South America, is the lungs of the earth. They are rich in flora and fauna, which have a wide stretch of approx two million square km. Its territory touches the nine nations of the South American continent. But the majority portion is shared by Brazil, which is 60% of the… Read more »