Preventing and reversing forest degradation

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forest degradation

When a forest begins to degrade, it ends up being unhealthy for living organisms including plants and animals. Degradation occurs when the forest fails to function the way it should. Animal species would no longer survive in such forests and new plants will stop thriving. It will no longer be able to filter the air… Read more »

Why you should be concerned about biodiversity loss?

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biodiversity loss

You may be thinking – how does biodiversity loss make any difference? Why should we worry if an insect stops existing or an animal species goes extinct? Is it necessary to save these animal species? Environmentalists talk extensively about saving the planet and all lives in it. But it is also important to understand that… Read more »

Effects of Climate change

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Climate change

The climate change crisis is turning worse year after year. Droughts, storms, heat waves and the rising sea levels are signs of the crisis. News related to such problems have been a common occurrence around the world. In July this year, a hailstorm caught the residents of Guadalajara by surprise. People in the city had… Read more »

The Problem with Greenwashing

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You would notice several brands that claim to be ‘pure and natural’ or use words like ‘organic’ and ‘eco-friendly’. Many of you would even buy something with such a tag over a product that does not promise environment-friendliness. But do brands really live up to their promise? Let us learn why brands choose to greenwash… Read more »