Can crows see blue?

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crows see

Crows see blue just as well, if not better than humans. They actually have much better eyesight than humans meaning that crows see more than us. That may sound surprising and that’s because, well, it is! Humans see color as a result of combinations of light. We can visually perceive three primary colors of light: red,… Read more »

Do dogs like reggae?

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dogs like

Yes, surprisingly a paper published by the University of Glasgow suggests that dogs like reggae more than any other type of music. Who’d have thought? By playing a wide variety of songs and different musical genres, scientists found some surprising things. The dogs within a shelter were exposed to various types of music. Then, their… Read more »

Can dogs drink beer?

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dogs drink

No, most dogs drink just about anything they can get their paws on but you should absolutely not let them consume beer, or any alcohol for that matter.  We all like to give our dogs the occasional tasty treat from the human world every now and then. Be honest, you do. That being said, however,… Read more »

old names for animals

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old names

Animals have been around for a long time, and humans have been naming them for a long time; their old names are interesting to say the least.  The old names of many of our favorite animals can be quite strange, odd and downright peculiar. At the same time, they’re quite funny and a hearty chuckle… Read more »