What is the loudest species?

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The title of ‘loudest species’ goes to the sperm whale, but all whales are very, very loud. So loud in fact, they dwarf even the sound levels of a jet engine! Blue whales are capable of making resounding whistling sounds as loud as 188 db (decibels). For context, a regular human’s shout is about 60-70… Read more »

Are Colombian hippos real?

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Colombian hippos

While not a species native to the country, so called ‘Colombian hippos’ are real in a sense. Thanks to a surprising source, there is actually a large population of them. Pablo Escobar, the notorious criminal, is responsible for a population of hippos in Colombia that is now entering three digit territory. This may not seem… Read more »

Can ferrets see red?

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Ferrets see in mostly grey tones, but can see red better than any other colour. This means they are more likely to notice red objects. As to whether they ‘see red’ when they’re angry, I have no idea. It is often spoken about with many animals, especially dogs, that they do not see colour in… Read more »

Why Do We Cut Rhino Horns?

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Cut rhino horns

Sadly, we must cut rhino horns to stop the poor creatures for being poached for said horns. This is a sad but true part of life for rhinos. Rhinos are one of the most infamously poached creatures on earth, a devastating fact that is pushing them to the brink of extinction. Most species of rhino… Read more »

Are koalas stupid?

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Koalas stupid

The age old question finally answered; are koalas stupid? Yeah, they are, and that’s what makes them so cute! There are lots of things that make koalas stand out from the rest of the animal kingdom. For example they have poor eye sight but make up for this with excellent senses of smell and hearing…. Read more »