Do Komodo dragons breathe fire ?

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Breathe fire

Sadly no, unlike their namesake, Komodo dragons do not breathe fire. However, they do have a plethora of OTHER fantastical qualities ! The more you learn about these reptilian behemoths, the more unbelievable they become. They’re gigantic, vicious AND agile : a perfect predatory triad. I know at least for me, the more i looked… Read more »

Do woodpeckers eat wood?

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Woodpeckers eat

Despite the slightly misleading name, woodpeckers eat berries, seeds and small insects, not wood. Disappointing, I know.  Yes, even though they’re known (and literally named) for pecking wood, they’re not actually eating it. When you think about it, they’d be far too weighed down to fly if they actually ate any wood. So why do… Read more »

Why do hermit crabs queue?

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Hermit crabs queue

The little arthropods must size up their shells often so hermit crabs queue up in size order and trade shells down the line.  This behaviour is quite remarkable, i mean who would expect a little crab to be so polite? If you’re still confused, don’t worry I’ll explain. Hermit crabs occasionally come across a larger… Read more »

Which bird shows off the most?

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In order to successfully mate, they often put on strong displays in which the bird shows off to it’s potential partner.  This can be achieved in a wide variety of ways that trigger a wide variety of senses. I want to break down the why and how of these rituals and find out which bird… Read more »