Do pelican mouths hold fish?

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pelican mouths

Pelican mouths are capable of holding three times more fish than their stomach, however they do not generally keep fish in there for long. Despite what Finding Nemo may have led you to believe, fish don’t take fun journeys in pelican mouths. In fact, once they’re in there they don’t have much time before they’re,… Read more »

Are there armadillo quadruplets?

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armadillo quadruplets

Yes, in fact armadillo quadruplets are the standard! Armadillos practically always have four cute (and identical) armadillo quadruplets. This may sound bizarre, but it’s the truth! Armadillo mamas ovulate (release) one egg which is then fertilized. This newly fertilized egg then proceeds to divide into two separate organisms before each of those splits again! This… Read more »

Are bird bones hollow?

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bird bones

Yes, some bird bones are hollow which has a wide range of evolutionary benefits for birds including flight and oddly enough, respiration. Many of the bones found inside most species of bird are almost entirely hollow and air filled. They contain several ‘struts’ that provide structure and strength, reinforcing the bird bones. The rigor of… Read more »