Can cats eat cucumber?

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Cats eat

Typically cats eat mostly meat, however cucumber offers a nice source of both fibre and water for your little feline friend to enjoy.  Often times cats will not eat fruit or vegetables. This is because they are unable to taste sweet things, therefore usually cats eat only food that we would consider savoury (such as… Read more »

Why does Australia have such unique animals

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Unique animals

Due to island-nature of Australia, it was isolated for many, many years and now has very unique animals native to it. Australia has a bountiful supply of unique animals that can’t be found anywhere else. Such iconic animals as the kangaroo, wallaby and koala can be found there. Here I’ll run through just a couple… Read more »

Which birds of prey live in England?

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Birds of prey

Birds of prey commonly found in England include the buzzard, red kite, sparrow hawk and of course the peregrine Falcon (plus a BUNCH of others). There are plenty of birds of prey to be found in the UK, so I’ll cover just a few examples in this blog and leave you to research the rest on your… Read more »