How high can fleas jump?

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fleas jump

A fleas jump can reach heights of around 60cm and a distance of around 20cm. That is their body length about 100 times upward and 30 times forward. Fleas are a very small and, if we’re totally honest, quite annoying creature. No one enjoys a visit to the vet for some flea spray or tablets,… Read more »

Can pigs sweat?

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Pigs sweat

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘sweating like a pig’, but can pigs sweat? The answer is no, pigs can not sweat! If you’ve ever been hard at work, whether it be on a farm or just exercising, you may have said that you were sweating like a pig. Or, if you’ve been in England for… Read more »

Do starfish have brains?

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starfish have

Starfish have no brain, or any blood for that matter. That my seem outlandish, but starfish are remarkable creatures! Starfish actually don’t have a brain, which may leave you wondering how on earth are they alive? Instead of a more traditional brain, they have a complex nervous system that is capable of decision making. This… Read more »

Do gorillas eat mango?

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gorillas eat

Gorilla’s eat a diet of mostly fruit and veg, so they probably wouldn’t say no to eating mango! However, it’s not a common food for them.  Gorilla’s are a species of primate native to equatorial (along the equator) Africa. They are large in stature and have a reputation as strong and intimidating. In this blog… Read more »