Where do eels come from?

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Eels come from

Despite many theories and ideas surrounding the mystery, the truth is eels come from external reproduction. That is to say, they release eggs and sperm into ‘clouds’.  Many claims across the internet describe the mystery of eel reproduction and how we ‘have no idea where eels come from’. They even go as far as to… Read more »

How do axolotls regenerate limbs?

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Axolotls regenerate

Axolotls regenerate lost limbs via rapid cell division. The cells of the limb divide and multiply rapidly until a new limb has been formed. This is similar to how we all grow and, to a much lesser extent, heal. When we’re growing up our cells are rapidly dividing so that we can, well, grow. When… Read more »

Why do all animals love capybaras?

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Love capybaras

These large herbivores often live in groups of 10-20, making them highly sociable and causing other animals to, well, LOVE capybaras. And who can blame them?  Being herbivores, they have absolutely zero prey and therefore don’t particularly pose a threat to any other species. They are extremely friendly and don’t particularly care what you do… Read more »