How do canaries detect gas?

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Canaries detect

Canaries can hold an extraordinary amount of air, and are therefore more sensitive to poisonous gas. Sadly this is how canaries ‘detect’ gas. If, like me, you thought canaries had some sort of heightened sense of smell or super-sense for carbon monoxide, I’m sorry you found out this way. In case you hadn’t put two… Read more »

What is slug slime?

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Slug slime

Slug slime is a mixture of mucus, water and salts that is able to absorb water and has several survival benefits for the slug.  Slugs are infamously slimy creatures and a common sight in the rainy terrain of the UK. Sadly for the poor slug, they’re often seen as pests and treated as such. This… Read more »

Could a Hamster Kill Me?

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Hamster kill

The simple (and hopefully obvious) answer to ‘could a hamster kill me’ is no, easy as that. These teeny tiny rodents don’t pose much of a threat to humans outside of the occasional little nip or scratch when scared. Actually, hamsters don’t post much of a threat to ANYTHING. With the small exception of insects… Read more »