Why All Kids Should Have Pets?

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Benefits of having a pet for a child

Some of us have fond childhood memories while growing up with pets. They enriched our lives in different ways and you have always cherished these memoirs even as adults. Your pets do require special care and effort, but they shower you with unconditional love in return. They are definitely worth your time and care. Having… Read more »

What is Animal Law And How Does It Work?

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What is Animal Law

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (AWA 2006) of UK protects the animals. This act prohibits any form of animal cruelty. Even though the laws may differ from region to region, but all of them have been created with a similar cause and aim in prohibiting cruelty towards animals. Here is something that you must know… Read more »

How to Stop the Hunting of Lions?

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How to Stop the Hunting of Lions

Trophy hunting has been in practice for years despite its ban. However, people are willing to partake in movements where they can be of help to stop the hunting of lions. Educating people for a cause like this can be frustrating. But if we manage to move a certain crowd, then that would work wonders… Read more »

How To Stop Animal Abuse And Cruelty?

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Animals are the most beautiful creation of mother earth. They have always been our companions and helped in flourishing human civilization. It would be better to say that we have used them without reckoning about their life concerns. As we humans rely on species-ism and like to dominate and exhaust nature as per our needs… Read more »

Which Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?

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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, located in South America, is the lungs of the earth. They are rich in flora and fauna, which have a wide stretch of approx two million square km. Its territory touches the nine nations of the South American continent. But the majority portion is shared by Brazil, which is 60% of the… Read more »

Are ball pythons being traded out of existence?

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Are ball pythons being traded out of existence

A study published in Nature Conservation showed that ball pythons were the most traded CITES-listed live animal. Traders export them legally from Africa for onward sale as exotic pets. Their trade is backed by a belief system that these animals are not sentient and incapable of feeling emotions or pain. But this is not true…. Read more »

How is Madagascar – One of The Most Biodiverse Regions on Earth – Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Madagascar affected by COVID-19

For a long time, Madagascar has been an economically poor and politically unstable nation. When President Andry Rajoelina assumed office in January 2019, he envisioned a transformation for the country. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the government would have been tourism. How has the pandemic impacted Madagascar’s economy? By using Madagascar’s biodiversity,… Read more »

How is COVID-19 impacting endangered species in South East Asia?

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COVID-19 impacting endangered species

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a wave of uncertainties for not just humans but several wild animals too. Rural communities have started experiencing the effects of an economic slowdown. As a result, poaching and illegal wildlife trade may begin to rise. At Animal Club, we had predicted this as one of the impacts of the… Read more »

COVID-19- What are the impacts of it on Wildlife Policies in China

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Impacts of COVID-19 on Wildlife Management Policies in China

The COVID-19 outbreak reinforces the need for a transformation in our economic and regulatory policies. As countries around the world try to fight the disease, we have realized the need to step towards a less consumptive model. It was found that reasons for the COVID-19 pandemic were interconnected with an accelerated ecosystem degradation and poor… Read more »

How to help kids connect with animals without getting a pet?

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Children are fascinated by animals. They always want a closer look at the squirrels in the park or to shake hands with the friendly neighborhood dog. Some children are just curious about pets, while others long to become pet parents. Here are a few ways to help kids connect with animals without getting a pet:… Read more »