What is the largest rodent?

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largest rodent

The largest rodent on earth is the Capybara, an animal so large it’s quite shocking it even counts as a rodent! Capybaras are very loveable, albeit peculiar, animals with a lot of interesting qualities. One of which is that they are, as i have said already, the largest rodent on earth. They can weigh anywhere… Read more »

What is the smallest mammal?

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smallest mammal

The smallest mammal on earth currently known to us is the etruscan shrew. At an average weight of 2.1 grams and an average length of 40mm, the only thing they dwarf is the competition! Etruscan shrews hold the title of smallest mammal currently alive on earth, at least that we know about. They are incredibly… Read more »

Can elephants hear through their feet?

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As bizarre as it may sound, elephants hear through their feet because they can detect low frequency sounds using them! Just like Marvel’s Daredevil but larger and greyer. Elephants are extremely well known and widely beloved animals. Despite this, there’s a lot of interesting facts about elephants that many people don’t know. The focus of… Read more »

How to look after Guinea pigs

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Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are a great pet to have, and excellent for teaching kids compassion for animals: but there are rules to follow! Guinea pigs are a lovely animal that make a great addition to any family. But as with any other animal, there are certain things you must keep in mind when looking after them…. Read more »