Are Chimps More Intelligent than Other Mammals?

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Intelligent animals

99% of human DNA matches the chimpanzees and they happen to be our closest relatives. They also happen to share our brainpower and are very intelligent. Several studies prove that their cognitive power is amazing. They can recall images with accuracy and perform many other acts when taught. Chimps also pick up habits just by… Read more »

Are Circus Animals Treated Well and Respected?

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Are Circus Animals Treated Well

Circuses traveled throughout the year in different types of weather and sometimes at odd hours. While traveling the animals are confined to their cages in trucks, trailers, or trains. Long traveling times usually deprived them of their basic needs, such as veterinary care, water, and food. Not to forget they would have to defecate in… Read more »

Why Everyone Should Have an Aquarium?

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Importance of aquarium

Aquariums offer more benefits than simply beautifying your living room. Some cultures also consider fishes to bring luck and wealth. There are several benefits of having an aquarium at home, which you are probably unaware of. It can be therapeutic, educational, and stress buster, and more. It is proven that aquariums can relieve depression and… Read more »

Why All Kids Should Have Pets?

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Benefits of having a pet for a child

Some of us have fond childhood memories while growing up with pets. They enriched our lives in different ways and you have always cherished these memoirs even as adults. Your pets do require special care and effort, but they shower you with unconditional love in return. They are definitely worth your time and care. Having… Read more »