How long do koalas sleep?

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koalas sleep

Koalas sleep for up to around 20 hours per day! This is due to a number of factors involving their diet, lifestyle and metabolism.  Yes, the impossibly adorable marsupials from the land down under, possibly mother nature’s stupidest animal, koalas sleep for upwards of 20 hours in a day. They are typically nocturnal and are… Read more »

Do giant pacific octopi have three hearts?

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giant pacific octopi

Surprisingly yes; giant pacific octopi have three hearts. Not only that, but they have 9 brains and blue blood! Before we get into the gorgeous and somewhat shocking anatomy of the magnificent group of cephalopods known as giant pacific octopi, let’s discuss the elephant (or octopus) in the room. The plural word for octopus has… Read more »

Collective nouns for animals

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collective nouns

Collective nouns are one of the most charming and endearing things to research and no, i’m not exaggerating.  In case you’re not aware, ‘collective nouns’ is a fancy linguistic term that basically just means the name for a group of animals. Think flock of hens, herd of cattle or pack of wolves. “But those are… Read more »

How long can swifts fly?

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swifts fly

Swifts fly for enormous stretches of time without resting; sometimes up to 10 months! They are quite unique in this way.  Swifts are often confused for swallows but can be quite easily told apart. Swallows and martins have pale bellies whereas swifts have darker undersides. Most importantly: swifts fly for 10 months at a time… Read more »