The potential threats posed by Pebble Mine

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Pebble Mine

Bristol Bay, Alaska is home to a wide range of Arctic Wildlife which includes brown and black bears, wolves, shales, trout and the famous sockeye salmon. It supplies 40% of the globe’s sockeye salmon to people around the world. Recently, plans of developing a mine (Pebble Mine) can change everything in the region. This includes… Read more »

Africa’s wildlife has suffered irreversible commodification

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Africa’s wildlife

Africa is known for its vast lands brimming with wild animals that can freely roam around the place. But is this true? Africa’s wildlife is threatened by poachers as well as legal traders. Animal protectors around the world have been rallying for higher conservation efforts in the continent. This is because wildlife in Africa has… Read more »

How do forest fires affect the wildlife

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Forest fires

In recent years, the number of wildfires reported by countries around the world has gone up. The recent Amazon fires and the wildfires in Australia have caused considerable destruction to the flora and fauna. While some animals may be able to escape, others do not stand a chance of survival at all. But escape still… Read more »