5 Threats to Wildlife in the United Kingdom

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Wildlife in the United Kingdom is threatened by several factors. Many of these factors are a direct result of human development. It is estimated that the UK saw a decline of almost 56% of species between 1970 and 2013. At this alarming rate, we may be looking at a planet with a disbalanced ecosystem. This… Read more »

Ex Situ Conservation and the Importance of Protecting Endangered Species

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ex situ conservation

Ex situ conservation is a conservation method where the plant or animal species is conserved outside of their natural habitat. This is a crucial conservation method for endangered species. In situ conservation, on the other hand, requires conservation efforts to be focused on protecting species in their natural ecosystem. Both methods are significant in improving… Read more »

In situ Conservation – A key tool to conserve biodiversity

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In situ Conservation

In situ conservation is the method conserving biodiversity within their natural habitat. It requires the maintenance and protection of the natural ecosystem to allow plant and animal species to thrive. Needless to say, it is an effective conservation method. By protecting the biodiversity right where it belongs, we naturally strengthen our ecosystem. Additionally, this method… Read more »

Phenology – A crucial resource to understand climate change

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What is Phenology? All plants and animals experience life events which occur in the same pattern every year. These include the migration of birds, hibernation of animals, the blooming of flowers, and the shedding of leaves. Phenology is the study of how these natural events are timed by the plants and animals. Many scientists consider… Read more »