Are Immortal jellyfish real?

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Immortal jellyfish

A species scientifically known as Turrtopsis dohrnii is technically an ‘immortal jellyfish’. By reverting back to it’s juvenile polyp stage it is able to prolong its life indefinitely.  While the prospect of an immortal jellyfish is mind blowing, this behaviour has only been observed in laboratory settings. This means we can’t be 100% certain it… Read more »

Do animals grieve?

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Animals grieve

Evidence suggests that yes, animals grieve the loss of other animals. Pigeons, for example, mate for life and show signs of distress when their partner or one of their chicks dies.  My curiosity for this topic was sparked when my admittedly overfed cat caught a pigeon and during the ensuing struggle, a fox swooped out… Read more »

Do magpies migrate ?

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Do magpies migrate? The answer is no as they are non migratory and rarely travel more than about 10km from where they hatched.  Unlike a lot of other birds like ducks, geese and bramblings, magpies do not in fact migrate. The question we must ask to figure out why magpies don’t migrate is why other… Read more »