do figs contain wasps?

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figs contain

Figs contain seeds which can create a crunch reminiscent of a dead wasp involved in fig fertilization, but don’t worry there’s no dead wasps in your average fig!  Figs contain a lot of nutrients and antioxidants. They have numerous health benefits. These include promoting digestive health due to their high levels of fiber as well… Read more »

Do penguins give gifts?

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Yes, penguins give gifts to other penguins. Male penguins can be observed looking for and finding the smoothest rock to give to a female.  Gift giving is an age-old and innate act that humans partake in in order to show their love to other humans. But did you know that animals give gifts to show… Read more »

Are fat cats healthy?

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fat cats

Fat cats are undeniably adorable, but they can sadly experience a lot of health problems related to being overweight. Let’s face it, fat cats are cute. I must admit, my own cat Theo (quite appropriately named after the chipmunk) is a chunky fella himself. Who can resist the tantalizing lure of a tubby kitty –… Read more »

Are there transgender fish?

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transgender fish

Surprisingly, transgender fish do exist and in fact around 2% of all fish species are able to change biological sex!  Species of fish that are able to change biological sex, i.e. transgender fish, are said to be ‘sexually labile’. Some of you reading this with a particular interest in fish biology may already have an… Read more »