Could a seagull eat a rabbit whole?

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Seagull eat

Yes, while the idea seems completely insane, videos can be found showing showing a seagull eat a rabbit whole, but why?  As anyone whose ever been to Skegness will tell you, seagulls aren’t the most fussy eaters. From chips and the ice creams of 5 year olds to mice and insects, they’ll eat just about… Read more »

Do frogs freeze themselves?

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frogs freeze

Found in Alaska, wood frogs freeze themselves in September in order to hibernate. If you tried to bend their limbs, they would snap. This may sound like the behaviour of some kind of sci-fi creature, but it’s true! They are not COMPLETELY frozen solid, but for the most part they are stiff, cold and immobile…. Read more »

Could a hippo kill me?

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Hippo kill

Yes, hippos are surprisingly deadly creatures with several features aiding their ability to kill, read on to see why and how a hippo kills. Every year around 500 people are killed by hippos in Africa. This number might be shocking at first, but these seemingly docile creatures are quite vicious. Between their gigantic bodies and… Read more »

Can lobsters die of old age?

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lobsters die

Technically no, but they do eventually become too large and heavy to be able to support and the lobsters die. Dying of old age is vague; there isn’t a set age that humans, for example, expire and yet we say that someone has died of old age. The term actually refers to dying of ailments… Read more »