Cats eat

Typically cats eat mostly meat, however cucumber offers a nice source of both fibre and water for your little feline friend to enjoy. 

Often times cats will not eat fruit or vegetables. This is because they are unable to taste sweet things, therefore usually cats eat only food that we would consider savoury (such as chicken or fish!)

Cats eat

Why should cats eat cucumber?

I’ll go ahead and assume most of you have eaten a cucumber before, and if so you’ll know how hydrating of a snack they are. If you also happen to have a cat, you’ll know how much the mischievous mousers hate drinking water. So, if cats eat cucumber they get a nice crunchy treat as well as a good source of water!

As mentioned above, cucumbers also contain a good amount of fibre which is very helpful for digestion. They’re also rich in lots of vitamins, another great boost for the ol’ kitty digestive track.

Even though some veggies like cucumber, asparagus and steamed broccoli are great treats for cats, be careful. Onions and garlic are harmful to cats and must be avoided (something to consider if trying to slip your furry friend a veggie burger at tea time!)

Cats eat

Now that we’ve established the benefits of cucumbers for cats, let’s have a look at some other alternative treats for felines!

Other ‘human’ foods that cats can eat

Meat and fish are obvious choices, but they’re vital for a cats diet. A good, strong source of protein helps strengthen a cat’s heart as well as improve it’s vision and ensure it has a healthy reproductive system.


Whole grains are another great source of fibre for cats. Oats have the main benefit of having a lot of protein in every calorie, as well as being easy to make. This makes them an excellent meal to make for your cat! Brown rice is another great whole grain treat for your cat to eat. Give one of these a try next time you think your cat’s diet is getting stale.

Yet another great source of protein is eggs, you just have to ensure that they are cooked properly and not spoiled for the safety of your cat; similarly to meats!

Cats eat

Furthermore, cheese also offers a great bit of protein for cats, but only in very small amounts. This is because the protein is not as complete as in meat or eggs. Therefore, it is not processed as easily as meat is. So, give cats a bit of cheese but only in moderation!

Now let’s discuss some foods that cats shouldn’t eat. Chocolate is perhaps the most famous example of a food inedible to cats and dogs, and for good reason. More examples include onions and garlic, like i said before, as well as grapes and raisin. Grapes and raisins being inedible of course rule out wine, but wine is an extra no-no when you consider that alcohol in general is bad for cats! So sadly you won’t be able to get Mr. Mittens tipsy on Christmas Eve or blackout drunk at your next family gathering.

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