Since geckos are naturally solitary and territorial creatures, they do not get lonely if placed alone in a cage or left for some time away from their keeper. They much prefer having their food and heat to themselves rather than sharing it with another gecko.


As an owner of a gecko, you may be worried that your pet is similar to a rabbit or hamster, and would prefer to live with a companion. These types of animals live in groups in the wild, so need the social interaction and mental stimulation of having company. However, most lizards, including geckos, are solitary in the wild. This solitary nature means they don’t need interaction with others to thrive and be healthy.


Do geckos need attention?


Although they are solitary by nature, geckos don’t mind human attention every now and then.

Geckos are gentle-natured and easygoing pets, and are quickly tamed, even by owners who aren’t familiar with the pet. Once your gecko becomes familiar with you and its new surroundings, it’ll soon tolerate your company.

When you first home your gecko, you can allow it to become used to you by gently handling it. Only hold them for short periods of time though, as they could become stressed.

You can pay attention to your geckos tail when you hold them to make sure they’re alright. Geckos use tail movements to communicate, and a raised, back and forth tail movement can show that they are stressed.

Don’t worry about your gecko being lonely or upset when you’re away. Since they are solitary in the wild, some believe that their brains aren’t developed enough to have complex emotions like love. This means they won’t get lonely or miss you when you’re away.


Can geckos be kept in pairs?


Owning more than one gecko may interest you, so they have some company, or for breeding purposes.

Generally, no matter the gender, geckos should not be kept together, as they are territorial and will fight. This will result in scratches, bites, or even the loss of a tail. They’ll typically compete for food and the best areas of the tank.

Sharing a small space will also stress them, which can cause health problems.

Even when mating, male and female geckos will only spend a short amount of time together.

They also spend only a short amount of time with their babies to care for them. If they have lots of babies, they will tolerate one another until about 7 weeks old. After this they will start to get territorial and fight.


Do geckos prefer to be alone?


You may be worried that your gecko gets bored or lonely alone, but they’re perfectly happy lounging around their cage.

Since they are cold-blooded animals, they are naturally inactive, and are adapted to sit still in warm spaces. So if you see them sit in a specific place for what seems like ages, just know they are having a great time regulating their temperature. Having a nice big space and plenty of food all to themselves is a paradise for a gecko.


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