Can I Be a Nature Detective?

Yes! Grab your binoculars or your magnifying glass and put on your explorer hat. Get ready to transform your garden into a playground for your inner nature detective! No matter what your age, there is adventure waiting for you!


Unleash Your Inner Nature Detective!

Gardens don’t have to be boring. In each garden there is a living, breathing ecosystem, bursting with hidden worlds that are waiting to be explored. From the busy bumble bees searching for nectar to clever spiders spinning intricate, beautiful works of art and tiny insects crawling over and under fallen leaves – your garden is a forest of incredible wildlife. How do we find them? How do we encourage this tiny animal kingdom to flourish?

Observe and Become a Scientist

Get outside and use your senses – take your tools with you.  Listen for the birds tweeting or the hedgehog rustling in hedgerows. Look for Sparrows and Robins collecting twigs and grass for their nests or on bushes and blades of grass for the reddest ladybird. You could look in the patches of mud or flower bed for tiny footprints and use your magnifying glass to identify them. Smell earth after the rain has fallen and the sweet aroma of the growing flowers. Make a list of all you would like to find – and find it. Make notes on what you discover. If you get up early, you may just find yourself lucky enough to see wild rabbits bounding in the grass. You may even find it was the mischievous fox leaving the footprints.

Build Tiny Homes for Tiny Friends

Everyone can attract more biodiversity and make it a welcoming home. Have lots of fun by building a bee hotel or an insect maze.  You could create a butterfly garden with an array of fragrant flowers. Let a patch of your garden grow wild! Or, make a simple birdhouse and give our feathered friends a safe haven. The more welcoming a garden is, the more wildlife will come in!

Bug hotels and birdhouses give wildlife a safe and warm environment.

Get Messy, Get Creative

Having fun in nature can mean getting your hands dirty! Build mud forts for ladybirds or plant a mini herb garden – and taste its delights! Create incredible art using pebbles, stones, leaves and twigs. Your garden is your canvas. Let your imagination run wild and connect with nature in a hands-on, creative way. You could even take out the sketch pencils or paints and draw what you see. By the time you are finished, you’ll be a  mini-expert on your very own local ecosystem. And, when kids (and big kids) get messy, their love for nature and understanding of it grows stronger.

Share Your Discoveries

Share your findings with friends and family. Children can even start a nature club with their friends and compare the discoveries of one another’s gardens. Write stories and poems about your garden adventures. By connecting with others over your shared love for nature, it amplifies the joy and encourages even more exploration. You may even inspire another nature detective!

Yes. You CAN be a Nature Detective!

Remember, becoming a garden nature detective isn’t about finding rare or exotic creatures. It’s about appreciating the everyday wonders hiding in plain sight, shaping curiosity, and developing a deep connection with the natural world. Your garden is a home for nature, a sanctuary, and a playground all rolled into one!

So, grab your detective gear, open your mind, and embark on a thrilling adventure in the wild, wonderful world right outside your doorstep!

Who knows, you might just discover that the most incredible, awe-inspiring secrets haven’t been hidden in faraway jungles, but in the hidden corners of your very own garden. Now, go forth, little detectives, and let the exploration begin!

Don’t have a garden? Worry not! Get down to the park or the woods and go exploring – your adventure awaits!


Extra information

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