Pigs sweat

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘sweating like a pig’, but can pigs sweat? The answer is no, pigs can not sweat!

If you’ve ever been hard at work, whether it be on a farm or just exercising, you may have said that you were sweating like a pig. Or, if you’ve been in England for the past month, you might’ve said it while sat perfectly still.

But the truth is, a pigs sweat is a liquid of myth because they actually do not produce sweat in order to cool off in the way that we do. That prompts the question; how on earth do they cool off on hot days like those in June 2023 in the UK?

In order to cool down, pigs will roll around and even sleep in mud, as well as just generally splashing around in water. This gives them a nice refreshing way to cool themselves off. It also paints the typical picture of a pig you might imagine; one absolutely caked in mud and filth.

A Bay of Actual Pigs - The Atlantic

However, pigs are actually very clean creatures. Loyal readers may remember that pigs actually decorate their homes with flowers and other nice adornments. On top of this, they also avoid going to the toilet near where they sleep, instead doing so outside and far away. This avoids unpleasant odors and sights, as well as being much more sanitary and safe for the pigs.

Pigs are very interesting creatures, so for the rest of this article i will unpack some of my favorite pig facts.

Bonus pig facts

Pigs have a bit of a reputation as messy and stupid creatures. However as we’ve established, they are quite clean and not messy at all. They’re also not stupid! They actually have the intelligence of a human toddler and are considered one of the top ten smartest species on earth. They’re up there with orangutans, dolphins and octopi (or octopuses or even octopodes if that’s what you prefer).

Fate of More Than 100 Pet Pigs Abandoned in Santa Ysabel Still Unclear - Times of San Diego

Pigs are one of the most social animals, forming incredibly close bonds with both humans and other pigs alike. When sleeping, they like to stay connected to one another. For this reason, they will often sleep nose to nose in an incredibly cute display. A potentially even cuter fact about sleeping pigs is that we are fairly certain they dream! The real question is what do they dream about? (probably a whole lot of food and mud).

An article on The Dodo recently reported that mother pigs sing to their babies. This may seem far fetched, but it is true! Pigs have a whole range of distinct grunts and squeaks that they use to communicate with each other. In this instance, the mother pig seems to be telling her piglets that it is time to eat! Please follow the link and watch the video to see for yourself how cute this is.

Sing is an inexcusably lazy movie. Today's kids deserve better. - Vox

I really hope you leave the article today with a new found love and adoration for pigs. They are often thought of as messy and unintelligent, but they’re far from it. A lesson; don’t just someone based on stereotypes and misconceptions!

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