Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are a great pet to have, and excellent for teaching kids compassion for animals: but there are rules to follow!

Guinea pigs are a lovely animal that make a great addition to any family. But as with any other animal, there are certain things you must keep in mind when looking after them.

A guinea pig’s diet

The main bulk of a Guinea pig’s diet should consist of hay. It’s important to make sure your little furry friends always have access to plenty of hay to ensure proper digestive health.
Another benefit of hay is that it helps them grind their teeth down to keep them the correct size. Otherwise this can become a health risk as, like many rodents, their teeth are constantly growing.
Guinea pics
Another staple part of a Guinea pig’s diet should be fresh grass and weeds like dandelions. They should ideally be given fresh grass every day if possible. This is why having a closed off and safe area in your garden for your pets to graze is a very good idea!

Fruits and root vegetables aren’t a normal part of a Guinea pigs diet, but can be given in small amounts as a little treat. After all, we all like a bit of variety!

Where to keep Guinea pigs

One great benefit of these animals in particular is that they can be perfectly content living either indoors or outdoors. However, you must make sure to take the proper precautions to ensure their safety and comfort in either setting.
Guinea pigs
they are very sensitive to temperatures and must not leave the range of fifteen to 26 degrees Celsius. This is one reason that indoor Guinea pigs are a bit easier as you can of course control the temperature of your home much more than the weather!

It’s also a good idea to keep Guinea pigs away from any dogs, cats, ferrets or any other larger animals. This avoids stress for the animal and keeps them much happier and healthier. Of course it also avoids any heartbreaking situations of predatory instinct taking over (if you know what I mean).

As I said before, having an enclosed and secure area on a patch of grass outside is very beneficial for these little guys. It means they can get some fresh air and graze on nice fresh grass and herbs/weeds. This is good for their digestive health and also means they’re not just trapped in an enclosure 24/7.
Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are social animals 

They are the most comfortable when in large groups, as that’s how they live in the wild.

It’s absolutely critical that you have at least 2 if not more of the sociable creatures to ensure their happiness. Having only one can cause the poor things great deals of stress which is very bad for their health in the long run.


I hope this guide has been helpful in making sure your new family additions are well looked after and happy. Guinea pigs really are a great pet to have and I’m sure they’ll bring you a great deal of joy if you do the same for them!

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