Lizards are some of the most interesting and exotic pets. If you are thinking about getting a lizard, here is a quick run down of the most popular and easy to maintain lizards to help you decide which one to get!


Chameleon is a fascinating lizard

Photo by m4tik from FreeImages

Chameleons are fascinating lizards. They are world famous for their ability to change colour as well as for their “googly” eyes that can move independently. Interestingly, chameleons mostly change colour for social reasons (that’s how they “talk” to other lizards) and to regulate their temperature, and only occasionally for camouflaging. 

If you are considering getting a chameleon, keep in mind that they are NOT IDEAL pets for beginners. These animals are quite difficult to care for and are more fragile and sensitive to the environment than other lizards. Most chameleons do not like being handled, so if you are looking for a “cuddly lizard”, choose a bearded dragon instead! Chameleons are solitary animals and you should never house them with other chameleons. Another thing to keep in mind is that many chameleons do not live very long. The expected lifespan for most popular captive breeds is only around 2-4 years. Some bigger species, on the other hand, can live for 20 years and even longer. So do your research and buy from a reputable breeder!

Bearded dragon

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Bearded dragons are arguably the most popular lizards to keep as pets. They are fairly easy to maintain and are great for families with kids and other animals (although they should not be housed with other dragons). Beardies are also quite passive and enjoy being handled. Caring for a dragon is not very difficult. You will find lots of information on how to look for bearded dragon in our animal blog. Beardies are very robust pets, so if you are a first-time reptile owner, it’s a perfect animal for you. Keep in mind that they live for 8-10 years!

Crested gecko

Crested gecko, also called eyelash gecko, is another easy-to-look-after lizard. Crested geckos are especially good for people who are squeamish and do not want to feed live food to their lizard as they can eat powdered “gecko” food mixed with water. They usually love attention and enjoy being handled. Nevertheless, these reptiles might not ideal for families with young children due to their relatively small size and ability to jump and leap. Unlike bearded dragons who are active in the day time, geckos are nocturnal! 

If you are planning to get this adorable reptile, get ready for a long term commitment as they live for 15-20 years!


Photo by Odan Jaeger from FreeImages

Iguanas are another very popular type of lizard! They are also one of the largest domestic lizards so don’t fall for the “cute little iguana” you see in the pet shop because it won’t last. These reptiles can grow to be 6-7 feet long meaning you will need a big custom made enclosure for your pet godzilla! Iguanas require correct and regular handling right from the start. According to many iguana owners, these reptiles can make very affectionate pets that enjoy human company. BUT untamed iguanas can be aggressive. This is not something to be taken lightly as these big and heavy animals are fully armed with claws, tails and teeth. On the positive side, iguanas, unlike many other reptiles, are strictly vegetarians. No rodents or insects in your home!

Overall, iguanas are not suitable for families with young children or for first-time lizard owners. 

So what is your favourite lizard? 

More information

If you are planning to get a pet reptile, please do your homework and gather as much information as possible. What does this animal eat? Where does it need to live? How will it interact with you (your children, your other pets)? …

Booking your animal club visit (or an animal party for a young family member) might be a great chance for you to meet in person and handle many different reptiles as well as to ask our animal club experts everything about personalities and care needs of our amazing pets.