What is Animal Law

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 (AWA 2006) of UK protects the animals. This act prohibits any form of animal cruelty. Even though the laws may differ from region to region, but all of them have been created with a similar cause and aim in prohibiting cruelty towards animals. Here is something that you must know about animal law.

Who Does the Animal Welfare Act 2006 Apply to?

The AWA 2006 is applicable to all those who are taking care of animals. They will be held accountable for the animals they are looking after. Moreover, the law treats even an individual under the age of 16 as someone responsible for the animal. The animal act can hold any number of people legally responsible for a single animal.

What are the Prohibited Offences that are Punishable by Law?

Unnecessary suffering

Any act that causes unnecessary suffering to any protected animal that is protected under the AWA is deemed as punishable. Even if an individual responsible for any animal fails to take necessary steps to stop a different person from causing unnecessary suffering to that animal is also considered an offense.


The AWA Act prohibits one from carrying out any procedure of mutilation on any protected animal. It is only when there is a valid medical reason which mutilation, in order to save the animal from a certain medical condition, is when it is permissible.

Docking of dogs’ tails

This act does not allow to dock or removal of a part or the entire dog’s tail. The procedure is applicable only on certified working dogs, as defined under the section.

Usage of poisons

Animal law also prohibits the usage of any type of poisonous substance on protected animals.

Animal fighting

One cannot place a protected animal as bait or to fight another animal or a human. The law has the ability to punish individuals found guilty of arranging an animal fight or publicizing about the fight. Encouraging an animal fight, betting on an animal fight, possessing things that are related to an animal fight, lending their premises for an animal fight, and training the animal for a fight, are also against the act.

Providing care

What is Animal Law

The AWA 2006 considers it an offense if an individual who is responsible for an animal does not follow proper rules to take care of their animal. They must provide them with a suitable environment that is appropriate as per their needs, proper food, and protection from any injuries/diseases/pain. The law will punish any individual that abandons an animal or fails to meet their needs.

What are the penalties if an individual fails to follow Animal Law?

The Animal Welfare Act 2006 states that one would have to pay a fine of up to £20,000 or face imprisonment for a maximum of 6 months or both if they involve in an offense like tail docking, animal fighting, poisoning, unnecessary suffering and mutilation of the animals that are under their care.

Other penalties that an individual not adhering to the animal law may receive are:

  • Improvement notices
  • Warrants
  • Disqualification orders, where the individual is banned from making certain dealings with the protected animals
  • Powers of entry including animals in distress
  • Seizure orders related to disqualification (orders)
  • Deprivation orders, if an animal is connected to an offense

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