There are many different breeds of lizard, each with a temperament suitable for a house pet. But which lizards are best for a pet? Here is a list of the lizard breeds which are most friendly, behave the best around kids, and boast the coolest colours.



Leopard Gecko


Leopard Geckos are probably the most popular pet reptile. Their care requirements are simple, with no special lighting requirements and a size that only requires a small tank. They are generally very calm and easy to befriend, great as your first pet lizard. Leopard Geckos can be left alone for a few days at a time, suiting a busy schedule. You’ll have little trouble in finding a local pet store with Leopard Geckos. They also come in loads of surprising colour mutations or morphs, such as lime green and lavender.

Bearded Dragon


Bearded Dragons are one of the most calm and friendly reptiles you can have as a pet. They are quickly tamed and get along well with their humans keepers, so are suitable for children. Like dogs, they are able to recognise their owners and will come to the front of their tank to greet you when you arrive. They need tanks that are larger than those for Leopard Geckos, but as they are active during the day this makes them great display animals. Bearded Dragons usually come in white, red and orange tones, and this can include many interesting patterns.

Blue-Tongued Skink


Skinks are one of the largest of all lizard families, with the blue-tongued skink being the most popular and prominent. This means they require a pretty substantial tank, around 100cmx50cm. They require little attention, becoming calm, loveable pets. They are omnivores just like humans, requiring fruit and vegetables as well as meat. Although their bright blue tongues are their most noticeable feature, their scales come in several interesting colours including bright red and silver.

Crested Gecko


The Crested Gecko is rapidly gaining popularity as a pet, since they have some of the simplest care needs of all lizards. They don’t have a difficult setup or diet to worry about, requiring no special heating or lighting, and a feed of simple powders to mix with water. They are small and delicate, making them easy to tame and handle. Crested Geckos come in a few morphs, consisting of mostly reds and yellows. They are also pretty cute, with big round eyes and a wide, smiley mouth.

Panther Chameleon


Panther Chameleons have possibly the most beautiful colour variations of all lizards. They require a warm, humid environment, so it is recommended to house them in a wooden vivarium with heating lamps. They are fairly docile, allowing you to hold them, and they never bite. The main setback is that Panther Chameleons are pretty expensive although you may feel that their interesting looks make the extra price worth paying.


Overall, the best pet lizard for you will depend on what you’re looking for. Take the time to think about how greatly you value colourful looks, how close a bond you want with your pet, and how willing and able you are to meet the care requirements of your pet lizard.


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