Since bearded dragons are naturally solitary creatures, they do not get lonely if placed alone in a cage or left for some time away from their keeper. They much prefer having their food and heat to themselves rather than sharing it with another bearded dragon.

As an owner of a bearded dragon, you may be worried that your pet is similar to a rabbit or hamster, and would prefer to live with a companion. These types of animals live in groups in the wild, so need the social interaction and mental stimulation of having company. However, most lizards, including bearded dragons, are solitary in the wild. This solitary nature means they don’t need interaction with others to thrive and be healthy.

Do bearded dragons need attention?


Although they are solitary by nature, bearded dragons enjoy human attention every now and then.

Bearded dragons are gentle-natured and easygoing pets, and are quickly tamed, even by owners who aren’t familiar with the pet. Once your bearded dragon becomes familiar with you and its new surroundings, it’ll soon enjoy your company.

Bearded dragons have distinct personalities, so the extent to which your dragon will enjoy your company can vary. They may like being held, and huddle around your arms. This is because they enjoy warm places to bask in. If they are larger, you can let them sit in your lap or on your shoulders.

Although they may like your company, they don’t necessarily rely on it. Since they are solitary in the wild, some believe that their brains aren’t developed enough to have complex emotions like love. This means they won’t get lonely or miss you when you’re away.

This doesn’t mean you can’t establish a bond with your bearded dragon. As they learn to trust you, they will begin to thrive from your attention. You’ll be able to tell they trust you if they are calm when being petted, close their eyes when you are around them, or voluntarily wander to you to be pet. You can learn more about gaining trust from your bearded dragon here.

Can bearded dragons be kept in pairs?


Owning more than one bearded dragon may interest you, so they have some company. Generally, male bearded dragons should not be kept together, as they are territorial and will fight and become injured.

If you are set on having more than one, females will often live peacefully together. This is because females have more submissive natures. However, they will still be competing for the warmest areas in their enclosure. They may also bother or attack each other from having to share food.

However, all bearded dragons are slightly different. You should always be prepared to have a spare tank to separate them if they don’t get along.


Do bearded dragons prefer to be alone?

Bearded dragons are territorial creatures, so prefer to be kept on their own in their enclosure. They enjoy having the warmth of their light and the whole food bowl to themselves. Essentially, they like not having to compete for resources.

However, this does not apply to their owner. Studies have shown that bearded dragons can become defensive and stressed without human attention. So, although they are solitary creatures, they prefer regular contact with their owner.

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