Bird species

There are different reasons to why the extinction of a certain specie might happen. But lately, there are several bird species that have been going extinct. It is significant that we help preserve the birds if we want our future generations to admire the beauty of these beautiful beings.

Why are Bird Species Going Extinct?

There are different reasons to why bird species are going extinct. Some reasons are as below:

  • Loss of habitat because of increased development
  • Change in climate
  • Natural disasters
  • Loss of natural food sources and increased competition for food from other species
  • Poaching and hunting
  • Toxic poisoning because of pollution that may confound their success of breeding
  • Inability to adapt to the changing situations, especially environmental changes

How to Raise Awareness About a Bird in Danger?

Small steps can have a huge impact in saving birds from going extinct. Here are some simple ways in which you can save the birds:

Support Bird Conservation Programs

Almost every city has a captive breeding program in a zoo or aviary for birds that are endangered. You can support this program by making a donation or by offering voluntary help to these organizations. Offering support to one of these programs in your city is the best way in which you can help stop the extinction of birds.

Learn About Endangered Birds

Bird species

Atleast 10% of the total bird species in the world officially fall in the list of endangered species. Intervention is the most important step to take when it comes to conserving wildlife. If you learn about this list of birds that are extinct it would be easy for you to speak about them while educating someone about the birds.

Be Responsible

A responsible birder will always put the safety of birds before their personal interest. From setting up a bird feeder in your garden to keeping pets indoors, you must ensure that the space is safe for the birds to stop by and rest. Any actions that may stress the birds should be avoided. Although natural evolution is something that is not in your hand there are artificial hazards caused by us that can be avoided. Fishing line, balloons, litter, certain holiday decorations, etc. are all dangerous for the birds and other wildlife. As a responsible birder, you can avoid using those and request your family and friends to do the same.

Protect the Natural Bird Habitats in Your Area

Birds will show up in areas where there is nature – food, water, trees, etc. is what they want. They like to rest in places where human interference in minimum. Setting up your garden or backyard to be bird-friendly is where you can begin to show how much you care for birds. You can also promote planting of trees, cleaning up the rivers or beaches so they look more appealing to the migrating birds.

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