Which Animals Live In The Amazon Rainforest?

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Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon rainforest, located in South America, is the lungs of the earth. They are rich in flora and fauna, which have a wide stretch of approx two million square km. Its territory touches the nine nations of the South American continent. But the majority portion is shared by Brazil, which is 60% of the… Read more »

Are ball pythons being traded out of existence?

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Are ball pythons being traded out of existence

A study published in Nature Conservation showed that ball pythons were the most traded CITES-listed live animal. Traders export them legally from Africa for onward sale as exotic pets. Their trade is backed by a belief system that these animals are not sentient and incapable of feeling emotions or pain. But this is not true…. Read more »

How is Madagascar – One of The Most Biodiverse Regions on Earth – Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic?

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Madagascar affected by COVID-19

For a long time, Madagascar has been an economically poor and politically unstable nation. When President Andry Rajoelina assumed office in January 2019, he envisioned a transformation for the country. One of the biggest sources of revenue for the government would have been tourism. How has the pandemic impacted Madagascar’s economy? By using Madagascar’s biodiversity,… Read more »

5 Threats to Wildlife in the United Kingdom

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Wildlife in the United Kingdom is threatened by several factors. Many of these factors are a direct result of human development. It is estimated that the UK saw a decline of almost 56% of species between 1970 and 2013. At this alarming rate, we may be looking at a planet with a disbalanced ecosystem. This… Read more »

Phenology – A crucial resource to understand climate change

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What is Phenology? All plants and animals experience life events which occur in the same pattern every year. These include the migration of birds, hibernation of animals, the blooming of flowers, and the shedding of leaves. Phenology is the study of how these natural events are timed by the plants and animals. Many scientists consider… Read more »

How do forest fires affect the wildlife

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Forest fires

In recent years, the number of wildfires reported by countries around the world has gone up. The recent Amazon fires and the wildfires in Australia have caused considerable destruction to the flora and fauna. While some animals may be able to escape, others do not stand a chance of survival at all. But escape still… Read more »