How to Respect the Outdoors

We love to indulge in outdoor activities as we consider spending time with nature a refreshing break from our routine city lives. Camping, hiking, trekking, picnics, and other such outdoor activities are both delightful and invigorating. However, most of us don’t believe in leaving the area as pristine as it was before you came there.

We must respect the environment not just while we are partaking in outdoor activities but also in our daily lives. Fires left burning while camping, littering the area with empty bottles or leftovers, breaking beautiful branches of trees, polluting the nearby stream and many such actions harm nature. We must respect the outdoors if you want to see it thriving in the future, the same way you admire it today. Both adults and children must do their parts to help nature live.

How to Leave No Trace to Protect the Outdoors

How to Respect the Outdoors
  • Camp on durable surfaces and avoid areas that will impact easily and take a long time to get back in their original shape after you leave the grounds. Try to use campgrounds that are already established. This will give places just starting to show impact sometime to heal.
  • Don’t bury your trash because animals in the area will dig them up and expose it. Whatever you bring must go back with you and disposed of properly back in the city.
  • Pack the food that you are carrying into Ziploc bags or reusable containers. Avoid carrying food or beverages in glass, tin, or aluminum containers. If there are cool drink cans then pack them in garbage bags and dispose it in a dustbin on your way back. Cardboard boxes are usually left behind and must be avoided when you are going for an outing.
  • If there is some trash that has been left behind by others you can always pick them up and disposed along with yours.
  • If you are going to build a campfire then make a small one and use dead wood from the ground. Break down the wood so it burns down completely. Fine ash is easily blown away by the wind. If there is any unburned trash then remove it from the fire ring. The cold ash can be scattered away from the campsites over a large area.
  • If you are washing dishes then don’t do it near or in the water source. Using soap or shampoo is also not advisable, if at all you wish to use one then do it far from the area. Wash the dishes or yourself at least 200 feet away from the natural source of water.
  • Don’t stick in nails in trees and damage the trees or live vegetation. Don’t make any changes in the site. Stones, shells, petrified wood, etc. should also be left behind so others can enjoy them.
  • Don’t feed the wildlife around you, they could get sick.

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