Are praying mantises cold blooded?

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Praying mantises, like all insects, are cold blooded. This means they rely on their environment to keep their body temperature stable. For example, they need heat from the sun to warm up, and need to seek a cold spot to cool down.    What does cold blooded mean?   Reptiles, amphibians, fish and insects are… Read more »

Do hissing cockroaches carry disease?

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As long as hissing cockroaches are kept in a clean enclosure, and their food is replaced every few days, they stay perfectly clean. Bacterial growth is much less likely in a dry environment, in comparison to the damp spaces that house cockroaches live in. Mites are sometimes attracted by cockroaches, but these can easily be removed. Hissing… Read more »

How to Reverse the Decline of Insects at Woodhouse Washlands

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decline of insects

There are more than 27,000 species of insects in UK, including bees, grasshoppers, dragonflies, butterflies, beetles, silverfish, moths, and many more. We may not have paid much attention to these tiny beings, but they are present around us and have been performing several chores that are extremely important for our lives to continue normally. Insects… Read more »