Why shouldn’t you eat rabbit?

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Although rabbit meat is nutritionally a great choice of meat, there are a few ethical issues behind its consumption, as well as dangers in production. These issues come from the cramped conditions intensely farmed rabbits are kept in, as well as rabbits’ weak immune systems leading to a substantial use of antibiotics. Nutrition of rabbit meat   Despite… Read more »

Do rabbits have babies in the winter?

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Young wild rabbits, born in Spring, begin breeding as early as October or November the same year. Domesticated rabbits follow the same pattern. As a result, domestic rabbits can be bred in Autumn so that their first litters are during winter.  You probably know that most wild animals in the UK have babies early in the year…. Read more »

How to stop your rabbit from biting

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Rabbits bite for a range of reasons, which you can usually prevent by being patient and understanding when handling and providing food to your rabbit. Although biting may be worrying or troublesome for you, even well looked after rabbits can occasionally feel nervous or threatened. Here are some reasons why your rabbit may be biting,… Read more »