Why Should We Stop Animal Testing

Despite so many protests and demonstrations to stop animal testing, there are so many famous drug companies and cosmetic brands that continue to test their products on animals or use animal parts in their products. From testing beauty products on them to inducing them with various diseases to test related drugs, animals have always been the lab rats for us. They have been enduring pain and sacrificing their lives for us. Here is why we should stop animal testing.

Animal Testing is Unethical

The animals feel pain and their overwhelming natural instincts are to roam free, eat what nature offers and be free. It is unethical to cage them and keep them in the laboratories, causing them loneliness, fear, and pain.

It is Not as Fruitful

Why Should We Stop Animal Testing

Animals do not contract most diseases that humans get, such as heart diseases, certain cancers, Parkinson’s disease, and a few others. These diseases are injected into their bodies before the drugs are tested on them. On average, out of 100 drugs that are tested just about 95 drugs pass the test. For inconspicuous results achieved, there are too many animal lives that are taken or harmed in the process.

There are Alternatives

Despite understanding animal testing as ‘evil’ the society permitted it. Because this was possibly the only way to find cures for our diseases, make cosmetics or drugs. But it cannot be denied that animal testing is both cruel and exorbitant. Technology is at a highly advanced stage. And there is no denying that there are some good alternatives that are available today. There are several modern research methods that are humane and don’t require animals for testing. Some alternatives that are available and effective these days are the usage of ‘synthetic cellular tissue’, ‘In vitro testing’, ‘organs on chips’, and many more similar technologies. Such technologies are not just effective but also fast, accurate, and cheaper than animal testing. Moreover, the lives of animals are spared.

Animal Club does not support animal testing

We at Animal Club have a team of animal caretakers who love and care for all animals. We do not support animal testing and encourage a ban on it.

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